11|09|2018 // Interview with german coach Hans Melzer

In our first interview with Hans Melzer, the German national trainer, we received answer to how the conditions are on site and how the horses and rider are doing.

What does the venue look like? Is it really still a building site?

Yes, but it gets better every day and slowly they are finishing things. The big arena, the dressage arena and the training areas are finished and really good. We haven’t been allowed to see the cross country course yet, we will be allowed to walk it for the first time on Wednesday morning.

Have the German horses all travelled well?

Yes, it is unbelievable how well the horses coped with the flight and long journey; they are all really in great shape. Yesterday we did a session of gallop training and it is remarkable to see how fit they are.

….and the riders are they also fit and well ?

Yes, although the situation is a bit tiring. Unfortunately we are living about a 40 minute drive away from the venue which is a bit tedious as we have to spend the whole day here and can’t return to our accommodation until the evening. However the team spirit is super, we are all good!

When will the decision be made about who is in the team?

The decision has really already been made; Sandra Auffarth will start as our individual rider. We haven’t really changed anything in the order because Sandra was “reserve” and just moved up!